Knitting, My Bain

I am primarily a crocheter. I always assumed this was because I learned to crochet first, so it’s just what I always did. Then, in 2008, I decided to try my hand at knitting. My first mistake was not doing something like a scarf, and doing a custom made Transformer’s themed pillow for my boyfriend. (I used knitPro to create the chart.) This was when I learned I CLEARLY lack whatever skill and/or patience is necessary to be a talented knitter. After about two months, I finally presented him with the pillow and swore I’d never do it again.

But apparently, I am a masochist.

A few weeks ago, my mother left for a two week shore trip with a friend of hers. I decided this would be a good time to make her a cotton dishcloth for the stove in the kitchen – it has a black top and everything shows up on it, including paper towel lint. She is nearly obsessed with the stupid stove. So, a dishcloth is square, and knitting and purling is a great way to form a design. Hoorah! I’ll make this neat martini glass dishcloth from Bavgirl, because it’s a square and there’s no color changes!

The first thing to go was the border. For some reason, once I begin the alternating knit-purl it just looked like a hot mess on my needles. No matter, it’s for my mother, who will probably think it’s amazing even if I drop stitches. Which brings us to the next issue. When I looked back and realized I dropped a stitch, it became a entire puzzle going back to pick it up. So, after I’ve figured it out and picked up said dropped stitch…I come to realize I apparently have some sort of ocular issue, because there was never a dropped stitch, and I have now added one unnecessarily.

Why I Like Crocheting Better:

  1. One hook. Less to keep track of.
  2. When I notice and error, I can just pull out stitches, without making it a full mind-and-body exercise.
  3. Even when I’m not pulling out stitches, I manage to make knitting a full body workout. At least, I’m willing to bet it’s not an activity that involves hip and shoulder thrusts.

Crocheters, what do you think of knitting?

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