New Use For My US6 Needles – Boring Out My Eyes

As mentioned previously, my forays into knitting have been futile at best. (That statement can also be seen as one way of saying “why the hell would I use two needles when I can use just one?”.) But since I like to change things up from time to time, and also because I am a masochist, I set out to knit a dishcloth.

I was using knit/purl to make a martini glass design. Mine looks something like this.

On the day I started this, at one point in the stem I looked back a few stitches and realized I had already managed to drop a stitch. It wasn’t too far back, and I was feeling ambitious, so I decided to try to rectify it. This was the result:

Because, as it turns out, I never dropped a stitch, but I did manage to add one where it never existed.

I almost gave up after this setback, but I reassured myself that, as the gift was for my mother, I could probably tie a ball of yarn up and present it and she’d still use it as a dishcloth. So, I kept on going. I finally made it through the stem of the glass and to the actually drinky part of the glass. (Official term is official!) I was excited that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, vowing I would never pick up knitting needles again after completing this project (just like I did three years ago, but whatever). Then, more tragedy strikes:

(It’s supposed to look like this:)

I missed two stitches and didn’t realize until I was doing the following purl row. So, there was no hope in saving that one. So now, it looks like this:

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