Project ADD – I’d Rather Be Crocheting Hats

As someone who is always cold (apparently I throw off a lot of heat), sweaters at work are necessary. Currently, I have a dirty, smelly old hoodie in my cubicle from my boyfriends fat days, so it’s also super huge. Suffice it to say, this is clearly not work appropriate, but since I work in a building where I could probably get away with hiding dead bodies in the copy room or walk out with the department’s microwave, nothing is said about my hoodie. Granted, in the grand scheme it’s a minor detail, but I’m about to embark on a career as opposed to a job, so something has to change.

I decided this would be the perfect chance to use my P hook – I bought it with no projects in mind, I was just so fascinated in thinking how quickly a larger project could get done with said P hook. I began working on Lion Brand’s “Simple Crochet Shrug” on August 12 (thank you Ravelry for reminding me). I like Lion Brand patterns in general, because they’re ridiculously simple. This one looked super comfortable, and I thought it would be a nice time to reignite my love-hate relationship with Homespun. So I began – the shrug is, in actuality, a glorified rectangle; it’s just attached to itself in the right spots.

But now, my love-hate for Homespun (which has diminished to mere indifference) is being pushed aside for the painfully boring process of giant projects. I’ve made three afghans since I began crocheting…one was for a baby shower so I actually completed it rather quickly, one took about a month (and not longer only because I was getting asked what became of it), and the other almost three years. Big projects bore me after the first few rows, because there’s always so long to go. Especially my giant rectangle shrug, which is repetitive and coma-inducing. This definitely explains why I have so many hats.

In an effort to begin a discussion and see if anyone is actually reading, what do you think of big projects? Do they bore you, or do you welcome the repetitive stitches as a way to relax? (Because I can totally understand that point of view.)

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