Dirkle the Penguin

As I’m sure many people know by now, when boredom strikes, really odd things sometimes happen. One day while bored at work, two friends and I started an email chain where we decided to tell a story, each of us completing alternating sentences. It resulted in, among other things, a penguin named Dirkle who lives at a zoo in Missouri.

Now, while myself and one of these friends (we’ll call her Natalya) live only a half hour away from each other, the third person in question (who will be referred to as Xenia) moved halfway down the east coast and I haven’t seen her in four years. Xenia knows that Natalya will be coming down for a few days between Christmas and New Years, but does not know that I will be accompanying her. SO! As another surprise, I decided I’d finally create our still-talked-about-Dirkle; he can now accompany us on adventures!


This pattern is the Amigurumi Penguin pattern from Lion Brand. As you can see, he slays the masses with his adorable-ness. My only change from the pattern was that I attached the eyes, wings, and beak all before I stuffed him – I imagine this was much easier than trying to do it when I had no access to the other side of the yarn (Dirkle’s innards).

I can’t wait to take him on his debut journey!

This project on Ravelry

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  1. Deina

     /  December 17, 2010

    SO CUTE!! I need to get back into amigurumi. My daughter’s friends had me make so many moogles for them, I was turned off of it for awhile.

  2. Agh! It’s too cute!! I love amigurumi. The Lion Brand penguin is on my “to crochet” list, but I unfortunately haven’t gotten around to making him yet. Seeing your post makes me want to go grab my crochet hook and get started, but I have a mass of Christmas presents still needing to be finished. Curse my holiday procrastination! :/

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