Amigurumi Piggie!

Riendurr the Reindeer was a hit when I brought him to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve. And by hit, I mean my cousin’s two-year-old son cackled HYSTERICALLY whenever he saw our friend Riendurr.


Okay, I lied. At the time of this photo he was two weeks shy of being two years old, but it meant that I had an easy-to-figure-out gift for his birthday! I’d been wanting to try out the companion to Lion Brand’s amigurumi penguin pattern, which is a pig, so I went to town. (If you can consider crocheting a stuffed pig “going to town.”)

The only changes to this pattern I made was that I increased the circle an extra row (so the last row before working the body even was 2sc in 1 sc, sc in next 6), and I then worked in evenly for 10 rounds. I did this simply because I didn’t have the pattern at my disposal, so I made it up, which resulted in a more robust piggie.

He loves it and slept with it that night. Round animal success!

This project on Ravelry

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