Ravelry CAL Afghan – January

I believe I have mentioned in the past how terrible I am when it comes to large scale projects. While things like afghans certainly look ambitious (and therefore a conversation piece) and keep me snuggly and warm, I can’t help but avoid starting them, knowing that something like a hat will take a few hours. I mean, it took me two years to finish Drew Embrosky’s Flying Afghan (the squares were part of a crochet page-a-day calendar from 2006; I started the squares, misplaced the calendar, found the calendar years later and the finished; I only had to make up part of it!).

But lately, I’ve begun to notice that the zig zag afghan has seen better days. By which I mean, I have come to call the zig zag afghan “poopghan,” because where ever I attached a new color fell apart and I had to MacGyver it back into a sort of decent afghan, but I still hate looking at it. But since the boyfriend is sentimental and refuses to let me salvage it or throw it out (I HAVE SO MUCH SHAME), I’ve decided that the only other solution is to just make a new one.

So, a few days ago, I joined a group on Ravelry that picks an afghan square each month to complete, with the intentions of completing an afghan at the end of 2011. With no room to match any colors to, and since poopghan only gets used for laying around on the couch (in other words, not necessarily a central interior design piece), I decided to make this one a stash buster. I have lots (SO MUCH!!!!) pastel yarn; so especially considering I’m not a huge fan of pastels and want to get rid of some of this yarn, a pastel afghan it will be!

This month’s square was Maggie’s Square by none other than Drew Emborsky. So as it turns out, I’ve already made this square once, for the aforementioned flying afghan (I think on my version it’s the one on the bottom row, second from the left). I used Red Heart in Watercolor and Frosty Green, (Frost Green is one of the colors used in Watercolor, so they blend together and you can’t really differentiate) and I dipped into my Vanna’s Choice in Eggplant to jazz it up a bit. I’m interested to see what the next 11 squares will be, but I’m more interested to see what color combinations I’m going to be able to come up with using my ridiculous stash.

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  1. Sylvia B

     /  January 26, 2011

    looks great! I have enjoyed reading your posts since I stumbled on them last week. I have a question – when you change colors so often, do you carry the other color(s) with you and crochet over them, or cut and tie on with each change? I have made two granny square blankets, which my husband loves, but they drive me crazy because I see little yarn ends poking out everywhere and anytime I wash something I’ve made my ends come loose again. Tips?

    Sylvia B.

    • Here is a link to how I do it, far better than I could hope to explain it: http://crochet.about.com/library/bl_weave_ends.htm

      I find that when I go through the stitches twice, I don’t encounter the problem of ends sticking out (I’ve also learned that the bigger the tail, the less of a problem this is). There still might be small ends sticking out, but they can easily be weaving back to where they ought to be – I think that with homemade crochet (and probably knitting) projects, this tends to be a hazard that you have to look out for, but with this form of weaving ends in I don’t really have any issues. Hope this helps!

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