My Brown Modern Cloche

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who crochets (or knits!) with regularity has a certain thing they make repeatedly. For some people, like a friend of my mother’s, it’s afghans. I know some knitters have made a ridiculous amount of socks. As I have previously posted about, I am a person of little patience, so my thing is accessories, mostly hats and scarves. As I have been crocheting for many years, I have been trying to steer clear of this category, due to the fact that I literally now own hats and scarves in just about every color. Except brown, apparently, which I realized at some point in between snow storms. (I live in the great state of New Jersey, and we’ve been getting slammed nearly once a week.) So, off to Ravelry in search of a hat to fit my criteria! (Okay, I don’t really have criteria as much as I have pet peeves concerning hat designs. Summer hats are for fashion, of course, but winter hats should cover your ears. I know this isn’t necessary for everyone, but I would rather have warm ears, or not have to wear a hat AND earmuffs. Ears are thin and sensitive and I happen to have seven pieces of metal in mine, so I want them covered without the backs of earring digging into my head.) ANYWAY, I fell in love with the Inauguration Chapeau the minute I saw it (I refer you to her website if you’re curious about the name).

(I have a picture of me wearing it from the front, but I look truly awful in it. I will try to remember to take another one someday.)

The only thing I changed with this pattern is that I made the bow detachable. Since my hair is brown, this color blends right into my head, so I thought hey, I could make a few different bows to add a flash of color so it won’t blend in with my head! To do this, I followed the pattern for the brim without the first ch25, and chained two panels instead of sc and connected this at the beginning. I continued to work in the round. To make the bow, I chained 50 or 60 and worked the brim again – then I just tied it on the hat.

This project on Ravelry

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