Ravelry CAL Afghan – January REDUX!!

As you may or may not remember (if you don’t remember YOU ARE IN LUCK BECAUSE CLICK HERE), I committed to doing a block a month crochet-a-long on Ravelry. The group is huge, and complementary and supportive, and I absolutely recommend everyone join. <a href="http://www.ravelry.com/groups/2011-crochet-block-a-month-cal&quot; target="new"(the group can be found here). I was slightly disappointed with my January block, only because I didn’t really care for the colors, which were just colors I didn’t like and wanted to use up. This is not a strategy I recommend for something you intend to keep and use regularly. I ESPECIALLY don’t recommend it when you don’t bother to check if you actually have the colors you have randomly chosen match anything else in the stash you are trying to use. You can see where this is going, I’m sure. I pulled that hot mess apart; here is my NEW January square!

I am so much happier with this. I think it goes to show that instinct is usually right; I never liked that other pastel mish-mash.

This project on Ravlery

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  1. Small world! I’m doing this crochet along too in Ravelry too! I’m going to show my squares and blog on them tonight. Been too busy to take the photos. Very pretty square.

  2. I didn’t see your first January square, but I like the new one very much. I am in the 2011 BAMCAL also. I can’t believe it is so large, but am enjoying it very much. I agree–everyone is very supportive and friendly. Keep up the good work!


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