We’re Just Two Peas in a Pod

So if you go back to the last entry, you’ll see that the monkey-ewok was made for the boyfriend’s-and-mine fourth anniversary. I created that little…thing, purchased a digital photo frame, and called it a day. (He is a big fan of photos, although I am not. I aim to make ridiculous faces in every photo taken of me. If I’m going to look stupid, I’d like to look stupid on purpose.) WELL, he decided this year he would upstage me by about a trillion and gave me an engagement ring as a gift.

I felt like a fool for having a comparatively terrible gift, but I got over it pretty quickly. And so begins the Amazing Stressful Times Of Wedding Planning!

Well, we have over 400 days until the big day (thank you The Knot for keeping track for me), so right now I’m having fun with everything. Including my crafts! You can be sure that I immediately took to the internet to find the first thing I wanted to make for the wedding. That’s when I came across Lion Brand’s Peas in a Pod pattern. Actually, I re-came across it. I remembered seeing it months ago and thinking was the cutest thing ever, but I had no reason to create it at the time. I decided THE TIME HAS COME.

I LOVED making these guys. They pattern was very easy to follow, though I had a hell of a time getting the mouths to look the way I wanted. The pod kind of amazed me, in terms of how yarn can be shaped with crochet. You see geometric shapes all the time in crafts, but I was really able to appreciate how possible it is to crochet yarn into any form you need it to become. Attaching the veil and hat to the peas was much easier than I had anticipated (I’m not sure why I anticipated it being difficult to begin with). Overall they are adorable, and I think I’ll be displaying this at our engagement party, and perhaps on the gift table at the actual wedding.

I am excited to finally be marrying the guy I’ve been with for four years, and known for more than six! As a crafter, my first instinct is to create ANYTHING POSSIBLE, but I’m kind of unsure of where to go from here. If you’re married, did you crochet/craft anything for your wedding, or have you created anything for someone else’s wedding?

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  1. I love the peas! They are so cute! You can check my blog for several things I crochet for my wedding this past June.

  2. Dani Baird

     /  December 15, 2012

    I made my tossing bouquet. And the bubbles wrapped in tule on the tables. Oh yeah. I made the centerpieces for the main table: handmade candles in wine glasses.

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