Meant to Bee

If you’ll recall, a few weeks back I made Two Peas in a Pod courtesy of Lion Brand. When I showed my mother, she said, “oh, you should make a bunch of those for the tables at the engagement party!” While an interesting idea, it was also a extremely BORING idea. A day or two later, she had me and Future Husband (hereafter referred to as FH, because I haaaaaaate the word fianc√©) sit down and pick out engagement party invitations (in an effort to bring our laid-back attitudes to the party, we chose whatever was cheapest). In that time we somehow found ourselves looking at favors, some of them proving to be COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, and others being quasi-functional with really silly puns. That’s when it came to me – I’ll crochet amigurumi based off puns! The first one I wanted to tackle was the phrase Meant To Bee, mostly because honey is delicious.

While I enjoyed creating this pattern, it was a lot more work than I expected for such small insects. It was definitely a labor of love, but they turned out exactly how I wanted them. I just had to tie a bowtie on one and give the other flowers, and WHAM those bees were married. Something I learn making the bees was not to use whatever you have lying around to stuff amigurumi. Just because your vitamin order came in that day and the packing peanuts are right next to you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the walk to the basement to get Poly-fil. (I may or may not have had a bee with a misshapen head that had to be taken apart and re-stuffed two weeks after completion.)

This pattern is available as a Ravelry download (for free!); you can find it here. My personal project link is here.

Edit 3/14/13: this pattern originally cost money, but I have since made it free. No one ever bought it so this change didn’t affect anyone. Enjoy!

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