Purrfect Together

So as it turns out, planning a wedding has just become a stressor for me. I find no pleasure in making decisions and worrying about other people being happy, so I’ve been working hard to to find, or in most cases invent, little things I can actual enjoy about planning. For me, this means crafting. And for my engagement party, it means amigurumi. In keeping with taking suggestions from strangers on the internet of terrible puns, I tackled “PURRfect together” next (you know, after my previous “meant to BEE”).

Since creating Lion Brand’s amigurumi pig and penguin, these cats came pretty naturally. I haven’t written out a pattern; I used the Lion Brand pattern as a basis and modified it to better match the yarn weight and hooks I was using (which I didn’t do well with the lighter colored cat – it’s huge). I got pink felt from the craft store for the noses and ears, and found embroidery thread in the basement for the paws and whiskers. (I got lazy on the grey cat and only used the thread on two of the paws…it was tedious and annoying me that particular day.) The GOOD way to do the whiskers is to cut them to the desired length, cover them in fabric stiffener, allow them to dry, then attach them. As you can see, this is something I didn’t do for the light-colored cat – I attached them and then tried to apply the stiffener. The whiskers are also pretty long, so I’m going to trim them and see if that helps, but I’m currently storing them in a plastic bag and whenever I take that one out, it just looks like it has a really dirty-looking mustache. The eyes are just doll eyes I got from 6060 on Etsy.


This project on Ravelry

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