Ravelry CAL Afghan – July

For July, the group chose Mum’s The Word by April Moreland. Here is my version of it.

Something to note when making this square – rounds 3 and 5 are missing a chain 2 preceding the clusters. However, this is something that becomes obvious once you you take a closer look at the pattern/your project. Also (and this is something I only confirm looking at pictures) it seems that the double clusters in round 8 should be in the cluster stitch from the previous round, not in a chain 3 space.

I learned something very important doing this square, as well. I cannot listen to or watch anything when trying out a new pattern. I had to pull this square apart three times because I was listening to various YouTube videos and podcasts on iTunes (including, of course, YarnCraft and CraftLit) and playing Tiny Tower because I am just so ridiculous. The problem with all these distractions is that I kept losing track of where I was without realizing. It got to a point each time that the square was so atrocious it was unsalvageable and I had to pull it all out. (For example, the first incarnation resembled a child’s hat.) If you’re trying out something new, donate 100% of your concentration to it, even if you think you are learned enough in the topic that you don’t need to pay attention.

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