Ravelry CAL Afghan – August

August’s square was the Nordic Star square by Priscilla Hewitt. Pattern note via the Ravelry group: “Round 8 correction: replace the number 5 with the number 6 for both repeats.” To be honest, I didn’t even notice it was wrong, because I was going by instinct of how many repeats of stitches there ought to be. Also, I wasn’t listening to anything this time, so I didn’t have to tear it apart and re-do it three times!

But I still like making things difficult. I used regular worsted weight yarn for all the blue bits, but the white yarn is fingering weight. It was all I could find, and I wasn’t about to go out and buy MORE yarn on top of what I already have, so I decided to just make do. And it’s not that bad! It actually reminds me of a snowflake.

I’m glad I went with mostly white with this one, it will add some needed contrast to the finished afghan. It’s probably about time I laid out the squares I’ve completed to see what should go where, and what colors I ought to use for the last four months (I can’t believe there’s only four left!).

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