My Yarn Thing Is Getting Ridiculous

How well do you know the yarns you work with? Do you only buy yarn from your LYS, or do you go for whatever’s cheapest at Michael’s or AC Moore? Personally, I tend to do the latter unless I’m looking for something specific. When I do things like amigurumi, no one would notice if I used a cheaper yarn or not…besides, Michael’s is so much closer to me than my LYS. (When I was looking to make a silvery shawl for all the weddings I have coming up, I hit up my LYS and found the perfect yarn…for $50. Hence why I am usually found frequenting Michaels.)

ANYWAY, the occasions on which I do buy yarn are few and far between now, given the massive stash I already have. Unless I’m doing a particularly large project, the color I’m looking for is ALWAYS found in my stash, or something close enough. So when I decided to crochet my parents a small Christmas tree, I found a fairly hefty skein of green yarn from the nether-stash, assuming it would let me finish the project. The tree is worked as a really long strip and then wrapped around a floral cone; when I was about halfway through the last row I realized there was not going to be quite enough yarn to finish the project (I didn’t take into account that the last row was about 200 treble crochets…the yardage adds up quickly). I considered taking the last row out and finding another green in the nether-stash, but I looked at the yarn (part of the nether-stash that came from someone else’s stash, and was unlabeled, of course) and thought, you know, this looks like it could be a Caron yarn…let me just check at Michael’s before I rip this out. So I headed over there yesterday and, sure enough, there was my yarn…Caron One Pound in kelly green. I’ll take solace in the fact that I couldn’t pinpoint the line of yarn, just the brand. It makes me feel a little more normal.

I finished the crochet part of the tree last night, now I just have to attach it to the cone and decorate it accordingly. I’m also behind on the block-a-month afghan, AND I have a friend’s birthday gift to make…which will probably wind up becoming part of their Christmas gift at this rate. Ah well, at least I won’t be bored! (Theoretically.)

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