New Year, New Knit

For someone who doesn’t knit, I sure do have a lot of knitting needles (at least seven pairs). Problem is, I’m an awful knitter and have grown to resent it, as I may have mentioned before. But I see so many neat knitting patterns, I’ve decided to push myself and give it another try. It’s a new year, and I’ll be a new knitter.

My biggest problem in the past with knitting has been tension. I make stitches so tight that I can’t get the needle through to pick up the next stitch…I broke an acrylic needle from all the pressure I was putting on it. This is something I’m going to have to consciously think about for my first few projects (I’m going to hope it won’t have to be a conscious thought forever). I’m also hoping this will improve my patience level, because my other big problem with knitting is that I can’t knit as fast as I can crochet. Which, you know, makes sense, since I learned to crochet when I was about 12 from my grandmother, and tried to teach myself knitting three years ago using a book and YouTube (and have only attempted 2 projects total…if you needed insight as to how low my patience level really is).

I took my own advice for beginning crocheters and settled on knitting a scarf as my first project. I’ll post an update when I’ve completed it (or if I run into a massive problem). Here’s to hoping that’s not the case!

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