New Year New Knit Update #1

As I had previously stated, I took my own advice and started knitting a scarf last month. I picked a yarn that I knew I had a lot of and decided on a simple knit 3, purl 2 pattern for a ribbed look.

I actually stuck with it! I made it a point to do a little each day, and I have knit and purl stitches down pat. The tension issues I’ve had in the past wasn’t something I had to consider after a while, especially with tips from a knitter at my workplace’s yarn club (I highly suggest finding other yarncrafters at work…it’s awesome).

However, after knitting about a foot of this scarf, I have becoming disenchanted with it. It’s boring, and I’ll never wear a pink and purple scarf, and I have much grander plans for this yarn. The point of this project was to understand the basic stitches (knit and purl), and I absolutely do, so I’m going to think of this project more as a giant swatch of learning than a frogged scarf. I have much bigger, and far too ambitious plans for knitting that will be (hopefully) coming soon!

RIP Ribbed Scarf, 2012-2012

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