Pinwheel Sweater

I’ve had this sweater bookmarked on my Ravelry page for ages, and finally started it when I saw Lion Brand’s Amazing yarn in Mauna Loa on a shelf at Michaels. The pink in the first skein I saw on the shelf was sticking out and struck me because it was so bright and awesome. Finally, I finished the sweater after almost three months – it only took me so long due to non-craft related obligations (aka, wedding and house), as well as starting other projects and getting distracted. Also, I went through this yarn so fast, I was tired of having to keep going out to get more (I only get one ball at a time with my 40% Michaels coupon)…which is probably what lead to starting the other projects I have going, but it’s done now!

I still haven’t mastered how to get the front to lay yet, but I have confidence in myself. Do you like the sweater pick? I ordered it from Lion Brand and managed to break it within a day of receiving it. (E6000 to the rescue!)

Original Pattern on The Laughing Willow
This project on Ravelry

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