Wedding Unity Candle

I never really thought of having a unity candle at a wedding, but when the template our officiants gave us had the unity candle in it, I figured why not. (I’m kind of lazy and didn’t want to make changes to the ceremony, because it would probably require research or something.) So after doing some shopping around, I decided I was staunchly against unity candle kits. They were overpriced, and when would I ever use a pillar candle holder with two tapered candle holders next to it? Also they were all a little too cheesy for me…too many hearts and whatnot.

In the end, I got a reversible pillar candle dish, the pillar candle and tapered candles from the Christmas Tree Shops, and reversible tapered candle holders (when you flip them over they’re votive holders) at Walmart. (I also picked up fake forsynthia at AC Moore, and a charm at Michaels that was on clearance.) In total, all these products were about $20. Of course, I had to dress them up somehow, and I’m lucky to be gaining a super crafty sister-in-law, so she came over armed with a glue gun and bits of ribbon, lace, & fabric.

I’m pretty pleased with what we came up with. And by that I mean what she came up with, because I mostly watched and helped glue stuff. I don’t know why, when it comes to simply dressing things up with crafts, I tend to be at a total loss. It’s pretty self explanatory from the above photo – it’s just ribbons glued onto the candles. The blue satin is leftover from the completely awesome sash she made for my niece’s flower girl dress, and the ribbons are from ribbon stash from both of us. Nice and non-cheesy!

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