Social Yarning, Or How I Came To Realize I Have Awesome Coworkers

One of things I loved about crocheting (and crafting in general) is that I didn’t have to associate with ridiculous people. I mean, I’m pretty judge-y about people, and maybe it’s just the area I live & work in, but I don’t find a whole lot of people that share all the same interests I have, which is basically crafting and video games. Well, that’s kind of a lie, I know loads of people that are into video games, and I married one, but very few people are as into crafting as I am. So when I met a few people at my place of employment who were also yarn crafters, I was a little wary because they weren’t cats.

That was last autumn, or maybe early winter. Obviously, I got over that in a few yarn lunch sessions (if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be writing this) and we all became such good friends that we’ve even done two NYC yarn crawls and dinners outside of work! This is something I hadn’t experienced since I hung out at bars when I worked retail years ago.

As I’ve stated probably way-too-many times, I got married in May and found out after I got back from my honeymoon, that they had been having secret meetings to crochet me (and my husband too, I guess) wedding/housewarming gifts!!

I thought I’d be afraid to use them and potentially ruin them, but I use them almost daily. (I used to leave the table set with the placemats AND coasters, until I found the cat using a placemat as a bed one morning.)

And here it is, the end of summer 2012 and we still have yarn lunches and don’t hate each other. TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

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