Games & Crafts: In Which I Realize The Two Main Parts Of My Life That I Have Been Keeping Separate Are In Fact The Same Thing

Sometimes I feel like I have two personalities. There Crafty Me, who…likes to do crafty things. (DURR) Then there’s kind-of-nerdy-slightly-pathetic me, who has played Mass Effect more than anyone I know combined, and almost cried the last time I went to the Magic Kingdom and they played the Mickey Mouse theme over the bus speakers. I really did view them as two personalities, that would rarely cross paths.

Additionally, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve been making an effort to be more active in social media, and basically figure out how to make it work to my advantage. When I first got a Twitter account, I ignored it for years because I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do with it. I figured it was because I wasn’t in high school and don’t have 30 close friends. NOPE, you can totally still use it if that isn’t you! I follow so many blogs, websites, and talented people on Twitter, and I know I wouldn’t see half of the awesome things I see online if I didn’t look at Twitter regularly.

This all came together earlier this week, when I saw a tweet from Holly Conrad (or possibly Jessica Merizan, everything starts to blend together on Twitter) mentioning that Crabcat Industries had a new show on the Nerdist YouTube channel about how they go about making their awesome creations.


I’m glad you asking, imaginary reader! Holly and Jessica were featured in Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope when they created some INSANELY AWESOME Mass Effect 2 costumes for the SDCC costume competition. The first time I saw the audition reel, I actually got chills, and cheered with everyone when Al-Jilani got decked on stage. I have put more hours into playing Mass Effect than probably any other game ever. I actually get yelled at for playing it so awesome because I’m apparently missing out on so much awesome stuff…whatever, I still have fun. So watching it all come to life was just…FUN. And now because of their “Try This At Home” series on Nerdist I get to see HOW THINGS HAPPEN? I’d say I’m tickled pink if it was such a pervy-sounding phrase.

A day later, I was browsing my Google Reader account, which I do about 50 times a day, and came across this post on Craftzine/Makezine. For some reason, it was an exciting and kind of bizarre moment – and that’s when I realized that these two iterations of myself I was trying to keep completely separate was, basically, all for naught. I couldn’t even think of a reason why I was trying to be two mes, instead of one crafty-nerdy-slightly-pathetic me. The combined version, which I suppose is “real me,” probably makes much better jokes anyway.

So, that was my strange revelation of the day/week/month/etc. On that note, I’ll be posting about the crocheted Liara I finished last week whenever I get around to taking decent photos of it. Then I’m sure I’ll be posting about my Halloween costume, which I’m super excited about, as well as the other 3 posts I have queued and half-finished.

Rocket flop corgi, AWAYYYYY

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