Sunday Dinner

As a lady raised by two Brooklyn Italians, I know there is something special about Sunday dinners. A few months ago, my parents requested that we all get together for one dinner per month (which, if you are a New York Italian, you know is less often than usual.) Usually we would just go to my parents house and eat, but my husband and I invited them over for January dinner.

With my immaculately set table.

With my immaculately set table.

I tried my hand at these crock pot mashed potatoes I’d found on Pinterest AGES ago…might have been one of the first things I’d pinned. They turned out pretty good! Hand mashing as opposed to using my mixer made for more chunks of potatoes, but that isn’t something I really consider a con. It was much easier to clean the crock pot than the mixer, that’s for sure.

My husband made this prime rib recipe. I tend to not cook meat ever, only SOMETIMES beef. I’m always afraid of not cooking it long enough and making people sick…pretty ridiculous given that you can just CHECK THE MEAT, but I never said it was logical. Delicious!

My sister is a vegetarian, so I made a broccoli cauliflower casserole for her, which doubled as a side dish for everyone else. This is something I’ve made for us for dinner in the past and I freaking love it. For those who are skeptical, when we ate it for dinner those times, we had some kind of protein side dish; for example, I remember on one occasion we had Swedish meatballs!

I just wanted to share these recipes with you since everyone was a fan of them that day!

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