National Craft Month: Luggage Handle

Okay, so updating weekly with sewing updates didn’t go very well. I have a lot of non-sewing stuff I’ve been working on and got sidetracked! But I am now back to tell you about a new project I sewed – a luggage handle!


Our luggage is black (as you can see) so when we had to get it from the turnstile on our honeymoon, it was an aggravating guessing game. When I found this tutorial (and its simplicity!), I knew it would be great to try out for National Craft Month!

The main change between my version and the tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets is that I didn’t use batting – I just felt no need, and I’m quite the penny pincher. That being said, I didn’t cut the fabric into two pieces – it was unnecessary since I wasn’t using batting. So this is what my supply list looked like:


And let’s not forget an attention-seeking cat!


You’re doing something so I have to be all up in your business, since I am a cat.

I also didn’t use straight pins, because I couldn’t locate them at that moment and didn’t really care to, since this wasn’t a garment that needed to be extremely precise. Hence edges that looked like this!

Besides what I mentioned, I followed the tutorial, and there isn’t a whole lot else to note. We could talk about how I’m lazy (again), and didn’t iron:

Also notice the awesome straight lines! NOT.

Also notice the awesome straight lines! NOT.

Other than my previous notations, I followed the tutorial. It will be so satisfying next time we’re in an airport!

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