Resurrection! And Goings-On

Ugh, where do I even begin?! After seven months, I am finally beginning to feel the crushing guilt of neglecting this blog. A big part of that was I mostly update about crochet, and I did a series of big project, followed by a bit of a lull, so there wasn’t a whole lot to update about over the summer concerning that. (You can see what I DID wind up up crocheting on Ravelry, however!)

Now, with the weather getting cooler (theoretically at least – the high is supposed to be 73 today), and Christmas approaching, I’ve been crocheting like a mad person. Also, by not going outside, I finally have to stop making excuses about the work I have to do on the INSIDE of the house. (Well, once autumn is over and we pick up the leaves in the yard. A bit of advice to homeowners, PICK UP THE LEAVES IN THE AUTUMN! We didn’t last year and have huge dead patches of grass now.) So, there should be plenty to talk about in the next few months, hopefully!

In the meantime, I’m actually starting to be active on Twitter, so you can follow me there. It’s a lot of retweets from parody accounts and pictures of my cat, but isn’t that all Twitter REALLY is?

In the meantime, here is a really attractive photo of me at Coldstone Creamery two nights ago. It was delicious and almost guilt-free.


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