Adventures with Crocheting with Thread

I always thought crochet projects that used thread looking dainty; it was always something I had planned to try, but never got around to doing. Enter my aunt, one of the people who gives me yarn on a quasi-regular basis. This time, she gave me some spools of thread…but let me show you what I mean by spools of thread.

Initially, I was given four (FOUR!!) of these, but I quickly decided to give three to my mother to use at the school where she teaches, and kept one for myself. I figured, surely there is so much thread here I can use it FOREVER. (Which really is still true, but my patience level will not let me keep this for much longer.)

This stuff was really like regular sewing thread, as opposed to the usually-thicker-than-that embroidery & cross-stitching thread. I’ve crocheted a few snowflakes with embroidery thread without great difficulty, so I couldn’t imagine this being all that different. I used the smallest hook I had without even thinking about it; my 1.25mm. Not long after beginning the first fan, I realized not only was this thinner than what I’ve worked with in the past, but the gold bits are actually a second strand twisted with the main thread – one more thing to worry about with these stitches. ARGH.

Oh, also those colorful bits were basically blobs of regular yarn. Not sure whose bright idea it was to include that in this product, because it became annoying rather quickly. I actually pulled a lot of them out as I went along; they just kept getting in my way.

After two days of handcramps and tearing my hair out, I finally finished crocheting the bookmark. I still need to get fabric stiffener so it will actually work, but the hard part is done now so I am breathing a sigh of relief. I’ve decided that I’m going to give the remainder of this to my mother for her to take to school, and I’m going to get a multipack of embroidery thread when I go to the craft store to pick up the fabric stiffener. Goodbye giant spool of thread type stuff, I hardly knew ye (and plan on keeping it that way).

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