Face Wash Using Oil Cleansing Method

If anyone has followed my blog since the beginning, or if you have trudged through the archives, you’ll recall my brief foray into the no-shampoo movement, where instead of using shampoo & conditioner on your hair, you use a baking soda-water mix as shampoo, and ACV-water mix as conditioner. I never stuck with it, because besides trying to use a watery substance as shampoo, I have such short hair easy hair that I never noticed any benefits. Also my current shampoo smells like Cocoa Puffs which is so much better smelling than that ACV rinse. (Try as I might, I cannot bring myself to use ACV for all the amazing health benefits, because it just tastes & smells SO AWFUL.)

With the advent of Pinterest, I’ve come across loads of other DIY beauty tips, and the oil cleansing method to wash ones face was rather intriguing. Partially because it was oil, and partially because my cleanser was something like $50 for a bottle (admittedly, a rather big bottle, but still). So when I finally got to the end of the cleanser I’d been using, I decided to give it a go, using the previous link from SimpleMom.net as a guide.

Now, oil seems counter-intuitive to wash your face with, but as the Tsh says, it actually makes sense – oil cancels out oil. This immediately made sense to me, and I probably averaged a B- in my science classes in high school. Since I tend to have oily/combination skin, I used 3 parts castor oil to 1 part olive oil. For some reason, actually finding castor oil was the most ridiculous part of this method. I wound up ordering off of Amazon. I mixed it, massaged it into my face, and used a hot washcloth to steam my face.


After only 2 days, I noticed my skin was less oily overall. Combine that with the cost, and this cleanser is here to stay for me. I think I might need to add a bit more olive oil, as my skin sometimes feels a little dry afterwards, but I’ll wait a few months because I can’t tell if it’s the mixture or the cold weather. The only con I have found to this is that it’s oil. That’s to say, if it gets in your hair, you will look like a greasy hobo. So, I only wash my face right before I’m about to get into the shower so I can be as messy as I want. (I’m not an overly messy person, I’m just lazy about being neat.)

If you try this and come across issues, or just want more information, the comments on the blog post I linked have great advice. I also exfoliate with either baking soda, or a mixture of honey and brown sugar, so I just need to find a mask that I love and I’ll be set. (By the way, the honey/brown sugar exfoliation is DELICIOUS when it accidentally winds up on your lips.)

Have you tried anything like this? Would you? If you have, what were your recipe and results?

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DIY Extras – ACV Facial Toner

As a follower of many YouTube beauty gurus, I am rather well versed in the language of beauty products; especially anything that is related to skin clearing.

Having clear skin was something I battled with for years. I recently came to the realization that in my case, while I do have oilier-than-average skin, most of my issues came from outside factors. (I was smoking for a few years; right after I quit I moved into an apartment so awful I was constantly stressed; when I moved out of the awful apartment I went back to school full-time while keeping my full-time job.) Now that I’ve graduated and don’t have a huge amount of stress, I’ve noticed an overall improvement. (So for those of you who feel like you can’t obtain clear skin – RELAX.)

But as I previously stated, I do have oily skin, so I’m still susceptible to breakouts. I’ve been using Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel for years and love it, and I’m a huge fan of many of the items from The Body Shop’s tea tree line. But, I am also open to trying new things, so when I ran out of my tea tree toner, I decided to try out the homemade apple cider vinegar toner I’d heard about over the past few months/years.

Apple cider vinegar is popular for loads of things; I use it as a rinse for my hair regularly to make sure all the gunky build-up stays out. (I think it’s also popular for some nasty cleanse, but I wouldn’t know because I am of the belief that most cleanses are AWFUL, TERRIBLE ideas. That’s why we come with kidneys and livers and such – to filter out bad stuff. Also, I don’t want those gross side effects, kthx. ) You can pick it up at any grocery store; I believe mine came from Pathmark, and it was about $5.
Some information and other uses for apple cider vinegar.

ACV has a very strong scent, and it’s not a very pleasant one. I mean, it’s vinegar and fermented apple. I use a 1:6 ratio of water and ACV in my hair rinse, and my hair is smelly until it’s completely dry. But I don’t find it overwhelming, and I’m not sensitive to it, so I have no problem using it. The toner I made uses equal parts water, ACV, and green tea (the latter is used to diffuse the vinegar scent, as well as to take advantage of green tea’s anti-oxidant properties).

I’ve been using this recipe for about a year at this point, and actually recently made my second batch. I noticed no difference in my skin between what I made at home and the tea tree toner that costs $11. I don’t have sensitive skin so the ACV didn’t have a harsh effect on me at any point, but this could be a problem for some people. If that is the case, I’d recommend using a batch with more water/green tea than ACV, and keep trying different ratios until you find something that works for you.