More Baby Crochet

Way back in the end of May, I started making some baby items for a family friend who just had a little boy. She contacted me out of the blue the other day, which finally inspired me to buckle down and finish. (The sad part is the only things that needed to be finished were weaving in the ends…I always hate doing that!) The baby’s parents are country music fans, so I went with baby cowboy items.



I LOVED these little cowboy boots, the pattern was great and so was the payoff!




I wish I could say I loved the hat pattern as much as the boot pattern. Maybe it’s just me and the yarn I used, but it doesn’t lay like a cowboy hat AT ALL. Hrumph. There are other baby cowboy hat patterns that I would encourage people to try out before this one.

Baby Boots on Ravelry

Baby Hat on Ravelry


Baby Girl Blanket

I love making gifts for people, because everyone really seems to love receiving them. Or they are really good fakers. But regardless of whether or not people are faking it, I’ve set a precedence for myself when it comes to baby items. I feel obligated to make a baby afghan for each of my cousins’ children, even though afghans are the bane of my existence!

I lucked out again with this baby. Actually I suppose I lucked out with the baby’s parents, as they are the ones who decided to reveal the baby’s gender before she is born, so I knew I could go with girly colors. Of course, of all the massive amount of yarn I own, there is not a lot of girl colors, so I got Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! baby sport and used the entire thing using a Lion Brand Pattern. It taught me a thing or two about paying attention to instructions, because Lion Brand’s suggestion of 10-ply Pound of Love is pretty different from Snuggly Wuggly. Ravelry claims it is 8-ply, but I’d venture to say it’s finer than that. But, in the end it was a blanket, and the path to getting there doesn’t matter as much as the end result, as long as you like it!

I did get to use up some scrap yarn, however, when I made flowers to sew onto the hood. I just made three, positioned them on the hood and sewed them on. Easy peasy.

Blanket on Ravelry
Flowers on Ravelry

Christmas Gifts 2011

In Order:
Cat Toys
Amigurumi Snowman
Baby Picture Bookmarks
Cross Stitch Votive Holder
Sweater Sleeve Bottle Cover
Infused Olive Oil
Gift Card Holders

Not Pictured
Baby Sherlock Hat
Baby Booties
Ritz Carlton Brown Sugar Scrub

I don’t have enough photos or time to properly describe each project, but if you have any questions leave a comment and I’d be happy to explain anything!

Halloween, For The Childrens

As I have previously stated, my cousin was recently pregnant with her second child, who would be a planned cesarean baby. As it turns out, she still decided to come early! I didn’t get a chance to see her in the hospital, so a week after she came home I went out to Staten Island to visit the whole family…and as everyone knows by now, I can’t resist going to see her son (and now daughter!) without gifts.

a very willing model

She may have been early, but at least she was still an autumn baby…and very nearly an October baby…because I really wanted an excuse to make an adorable baby pumpkin hat. I was going to wing it and just make a regular hat and put a stem on it, but I’m glad I followed the instructions on FaveCraft – not only did it make it easy to add the vine parts, but the ridges looked more pumpkin-y AND it’s now easier to stretch over her noggin. For a week-old baby, it was way too long (even with the rim turned up a few inches) but I’m thinking she might grow fast enough where that won’t matter in a few weeks when it gets consistently cold enough that she needs a hat. Let me tell you, it’s the curly vine next to the stem that really makes this project…SO ADORABLE.

This project on Ravelry



As for the little man, this is the same little man that loves throwing around my amigurumi projects. I decided it was close enough to Halloween that I could make some spooky critters for him. The bat, while cute, was everything I dislike about amigurumi…which is really just lots of little pieces to put together. I mean, the pattern was great, I’m just lazy and I hate having to sew all these pieces together. The ghost had less pieces to put together; I tried to make a wavy edge on it, but it’s too small to really be appreciated and kind of took over the rest of the ghost, so I ripped it out and worked it even. He seemed more impressed with the ghost…but actually I think he just loved that he’d throw it and it would land right side up, because its shape lends itself to that.

The bat on Ravelry

The ghost on Ravelry

(The ghost pattern is a Ravelry PDF, so you’d have to access the pattern through there. The link to it can be found via my project link.)

A Baby Cometh (Where I Finally Make The Ripple Afghan)

I like to think I’m pretty close with my extended family on my father’s side. I’m the sixth of ten grandchildren, but only the second girl, so my elder female cousin became the older sister I don’t have. She is pregnant with her second child, a girl, and I was excited that she didn’t keep the gender a secret this time (her son was a surprise the day of his birth) so I could make things that weren’t gender neutral – I was more excited when she told me it was a girl because (1)everyone seems to be having boys lately, and (2)my yarn stash is FULL of little girl colors.

Mary Jane Booties: When my cousin gave birth to her son, I whipped up a pair of the Chuck Taylor booties, so for her little girl it only felt appropriate to make Mary Jane booties. I’ve made them once before for a coworker, and they’re still unbelievably adorable. I just wish they were so darn small – it gets pretty tedious working on something so small. (Pattern for both pairs of booties found here.)

Tulip Hat: There’s so many adorable baby girl patterns out there. I almost passed up the tulip cap because she is going to be an October baby and this was more spring-ish to me, but I went ahead and did it anyway. It’s worked kind of oddly (completely open until you put the stem on at the end), but I suppose that’s because of the ripples that form the petals. The pattern calls for you to just crochet the stem on top, but I didn’t like that it was open otherwise so I went ahead and stitched everything on top. If I did this pattern again (which I might!), I would try to find a way to make it so that it was worked in the round and then rippled, if that’s even possible. (Pattern can be found here.)



Ripple Afghan: I hate making afghans. They take forever (the way I do them anyway) and I almost always wind up running out of some color right before I finish one. My plan was to not make an afghan for this baby, since I made one for her brother when he was born and it was a huge undertaking. But a few days after I decided that afghan was the general baby afghan for their family, my cousin sent me a picture of her son, now almost 3, snuggled with that afghan, captioned with a comment of how he still carries it everywhere and has a name for it. It became obvious he wasn’t going to give that up for his new sister, but I didn’t have as much time to make one this time, so it was going to have to be something a bit smaller and easier (for the record, that ABC afghan fits on my queen size bed. AND IT’S FOR A CHILD. Anyway.), so I decided to finally try out the baby ripple afghan using my “girl color” stash. I didn’t run out of colors this time, since I was just kind of making up the color pattern as I went. It came out alright, but I think I would have liked it better if I had actually chosen the colors, as opposed to grabbing whatever I could find in the basement. Also round afghans are odd in general, because in order for them to fit length-wise they wind up being absurdly wide, and it’s just a whole mess. (Pattern found here)