Bright Granny Square Bag

The boredom is strong with this one.

I haven’t been inspired to do a whole lot of crochet today. I have too many hats and scarves, and everything I’ve wanted to do reminded me of spring, and considering I live in New Jersey (in other words, SNOWPOCOLYPSIA), I felt like it was cheating. Then I decided I didn’t care and needed something to do, so I embarked on this brightly colored bag idea I had.

Inga’s Haekelbeutel has been at the top of free crochet projects on Ravelry for quite some time; I’ve had it in my queue for a few weeks as well. Granny squares are perfect stash busters, so I decided whenever I did get around to recreating this bag, I would use some of the bright colored yarn lying around the basement. I had a weekend to myself recently (normally spent at my boyfriend’s house, a place where my stash is not) and figured WHY THE HELL NOT, since I am so tired of the snow I don’t care if it counts as cheating or not.

The full list of the yarns I used is on the project page on Ravelry (scroll down a bit for a link), but it’s centered around Red Heart Ombre in Plum Pudding, along with Caron Simply Soft colors leftover from an afghan that I probably never finished (I should find that…). I had a bit of a problem putting it together, but there is a diagram showing how to do this, so my not being able to get it right on the first try was just ignorance and possibly wine. I actually really like how this turned out, but unless I were to line it, it’s something I would only use for, say, a carry-on for a plane, or a weekend getaway, due to the holes in the squares.

Here is an irrelevant closeup!

This project on Ravelry