Fancy Shawl – For “All” My Formal Events

A few months back, I purchased this dress from White House Black Market, with no particular event in mind. (“But it’s pretty!” tends to be my shopping decision method.) Then I remembered my cousin’s wedding is coming up in May – perfect! It’s sleeveless and knee length and somehow gives my asslessness some sort of curves. But naturally, as a lady, I cannot go without some sort of cover – less so because of warmth, but mostly because ladies accessorize, and I LOVE accessorizing. So, I chose Eva’s Shawl and finally found an excuse to finally check out Angelfire Studios, which I had been holding off on only because of the mounting pile of yarn in my basement. (I just couldn’t justify buying more without having a specific project for it.) I chose a Blue Heron yarn that is a grey color with a hint of something resembling lavender, with – here it comes – SPARKLES.

Here, you can see me modeling it with my blue fleece pajamas.
(Here, you can see me modeling it with my blue fleece pajamas.)

The yarn was finer than what I’ve been using lately, so it took a few rows before I was really able to get the hang of it. (Not to say it’s difficult to work with; my brain and hands just have difficulties working together sometimes.) The pattern is pretty amazing in that it is simple, but with the right gauge and yarn it can look unbelievably elegant.

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