Bright Granny Square Bag

The boredom is strong with this one.

I haven’t been inspired to do a whole lot of crochet today. I have too many hats and scarves, and everything I’ve wanted to do reminded me of spring, and considering I live in New Jersey (in other words, SNOWPOCOLYPSIA), I felt like it was cheating. Then I decided I didn’t care and needed something to do, so I embarked on this brightly colored bag idea I had.

Inga’s Haekelbeutel has been at the top of free crochet projects on Ravelry for quite some time; I’ve had it in my queue for a few weeks as well. Granny squares are perfect stash busters, so I decided whenever I did get around to recreating this bag, I would use some of the bright colored yarn lying around the basement. I had a weekend to myself recently (normally spent at my boyfriend’s house, a place where my stash is not) and figured WHY THE HELL NOT, since I am so tired of the snow I don’t care if it counts as cheating or not.

The full list of the yarns I used is on the project page on Ravelry (scroll down a bit for a link), but it’s centered around Red Heart Ombre in Plum Pudding, along with Caron Simply Soft colors leftover from an afghan that I probably never finished (I should find that…). I had a bit of a problem putting it together, but there is a diagram showing how to do this, so my not being able to get it right on the first try was just ignorance and possibly wine. I actually really like how this turned out, but unless I were to line it, it’s something I would only use for, say, a carry-on for a plane, or a weekend getaway, due to the holes in the squares.

Here is an irrelevant closeup!

This project on Ravelry


Ivory Shawl

This is a good example of my big-project-ADD, something I wrote about here a few weeks ago. This took four months to complete, probably due to the fact it was almost 100 rows of the same thing and I got bored quickly. I also became discouraged when I realized I would almost never wear this, because I just have no use for something in ivory, so I imagine this will be mostly lent to friends and family in need of an ivory shawl. It makes a lovely bridal wrap, but as I am not a bride, this means nothing for me. Although maybe someday I will be, and I can use it then. The pattern is from Caron International.

shawl on bed
Here it is spread across the foot of my queen size bed.

Close-up of corner.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Fisherman for this project. I rather like this yarn, but as I’ve stated, would have used a different color due to personal preference. Also, it should be noted that I went through 6 or 7 skeins of yarn before completing this, so you might consider choosing a yarn that has a lot of yardage per skein, just for the sake of making things easier (like saving yourself trips to where ever it is you buy yarn).

Now that I’ve finally finished this, I am taking a break from big projects for a while. I know I have an afghan in the works (to replace one that I’ve made previously that’s begun to fall apart), so I feel like I need a break to work up my big-project-strength. Also I think I might try doing it in tunisian crochet, I just need to pick a graph. Any thoughts on tunisian?

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