An Update On Life, And Something Slightly Crafty

Hello blogosphere! It’s been a while since we’ve hung out. Between preparing the house that I actually finally live in (over six months after the sellers accepted our offer), moving into said house, and playing far too much Mass Effect, I haven’t had much time for crafting. I’ve kind of been half working on projects I started months ago, but my biggest hurdle now is not knowing where anything is, since I’m still not 100% in this house.

IN THE MEANTIME, I am an idiot and hosted my own bachelorette party this weekend. (The idiot part is because we had to get the house it party order in four days…not my brightest idea, but whatever.) It was actually pretty lovely; everyone brought food or wine, as the purpose behind the night was to try and figure out what wine we’d use during our ceremony. A few people stayed over that night, as they had long drives back to where they lived, so to make the morning easier, I decided to try a crock pot breakfast recipe; this bacon, potato, and egg casserole, to be more precise. The only changes I made to it was adding more bacon (also it was turkey bacon), and not using the onions, peppers, or tomatoes, just because I don’t like them much. Also I inadvertently left out the garlic, which annoyed me when I realized it, as that is the only reason I bought garlic to begin with. (I mean, it’s garlic, I’ll find SOME use for it, BUT STILL.) Oh, another change I made was dumping an entire bag of shredded cheese in the pot. I had measured some out for a dip I had made earlier in the night, and, well, you can never have too much cheese, so IN IT WENT.

The only complaint I had about it was the saltiness…it wasn’t face-puckering salty, but it was definitely noticeable. Someone pointed out this could have been the saltiness of the bacon playing off of the salt, which would make sense, but if I were to make it again I would only do one teaspoon of salt.

My favorite part was waking up to the house smelling of cheese. Naturally.