Home Goods – Coasters & Trivet Set

A few weeks ago, FH’s sister and her boyfriend moved into the condo they recently purchased together. The stars then aligned, and Lion Brand had a sale on their cotton blend yarn – perfect for making housewares!

After a far longer thought process than should be necessary, I decided a trivet would be appropriate. Especially since it’s the beginning of the summer, there’s still time for plenty of adventures in the new backyard. I really liked this pattern because it was simple and gave enough options for edging that you could make a few and they would all look different.

After finishing the trivet, I felt like it was pretty plain. The easiest and most obvious option was to make matching coasters. I just make a ring of 12dc, and worked it in a circle – in total they are 3 rounds of dc and a round of sc.




As it turns out, FH and I are looking at townhouses, so there will probably more house-related crochet coming in the next few months. Which is good, because that Lion Brand sale ended with me purchasing 8 skeins of Cotton-Ease. We’re looking into a 3br place so I can have a room dedicated just to my crafty things, because obviously I need it.

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Martini Dishcloth

Four or five months ago, I tried my hand at knitting (again). It didn’t go very well (again) and ended with an angry frogging of the dishcloth I tried to make for my mother. (This has been documented here, and then here.)

During my break from knitting, I came across tunisian crochet. I watched a few YouTube videos of people explaining how to do the stitches, and decided I wanted to give it a try myself. I ordered a set of bamboo tunisian hooks – these are really just very long regular crochet hooks, about twice the length of a regular hook. (I’d post a photo comparing the sizes but the hooks are in the basement, where I am not, and right now that’s far too much effort.) RESULTS AS FOLLOWS:

(This photo is pretty awful but still the best one I managed.)

The pattern is from a knitting pattern that can be found here. I rather enjoyed learning a new craft. At least, I find that it’s different enough from regular crochet to feel like I’m learning something new. (The only part that was the same was starting with a chain.) I highly recommend it for any crafter looking for a new skill, just don’t expect to wander into any craft store and find tunisian hooks; they don’t seem to very easy to come by.

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