Housewarming Towel Cake

A friend of mine and her fiance recently purchased a house (by recently I mean in June). Her housewarming party was at the end of September, but I felt kind of silly getting her a fancy gift as I had already been there quite a few times (not to mention I have odds and ends of my own wedding to pay for, as well as purchasing my own home) and she didn’t need a lot of the essentials since they had been there for a few months at this point (and he came from an apartment that he’d been in for a number of years), so I opted to go the DIY route. I came across this tutorial on Pinterest (my new favorite thing ever) for a towel cake, and figured why not give it a go!.

I got a pack of four dishcloths from Bed Bath & Beyond, and a pack of three rubber spatulas. We had a lot of cardboard that needed to go out to be recycled, so that wasn’t difficult to come by. But somehow, there was no glue in the house. So rather than do what was probably a much better idea and go buy glue, I just duct taped the entire structure together. I used pins to secure the towels in place and tied some leftover ribbon I found in the craft box around the bottom tier – it had the dual purpose of looking pretty and getting rid of the end of the roll of ribbon.




I don’t think it turned out too bad. If I had to change anything, I would make both rectangular pieces of cardboard longer – with the measurements given in the tutorial, I had to kind of stuff the towels into the circle I had formed (with my duct tape!) followed by jamming my spatulas in. Though I’m not sure how far in my future I’ll have another housewarming gift to give!