Pinwheel Sweater

I’ve had this sweater bookmarked on my Ravelry page for ages, and finally started it when I saw Lion Brand’s Amazing yarn in Mauna Loa on a shelf at Michaels. The pink in the first skein I saw on the shelf was sticking out and struck me because it was so bright and awesome. Finally, I finished the sweater after almost three months – it only took me so long due to non-craft related obligations (aka, wedding and house), as well as starting other projects and getting distracted. Also, I went through this yarn so fast, I was tired of having to keep going out to get more (I only get one ball at a time with my 40% Michaels coupon)…which is probably what lead to starting the other projects I have going, but it’s done now!

I still haven’t mastered how to get the front to lay yet, but I have confidence in myself. Do you like the sweater pick? I ordered it from Lion Brand and managed to break it within a day of receiving it. (E6000 to the rescue!)

Original Pattern on The Laughing Willow
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Baby Girl Blanket

I love making gifts for people, because everyone really seems to love receiving them. Or they are really good fakers. But regardless of whether or not people are faking it, I’ve set a precedence for myself when it comes to baby items. I feel obligated to make a baby afghan for each of my cousins’ children, even though afghans are the bane of my existence!

I lucked out again with this baby. Actually I suppose I lucked out with the baby’s parents, as they are the ones who decided to reveal the baby’s gender before she is born, so I knew I could go with girly colors. Of course, of all the massive amount of yarn I own, there is not a lot of girl colors, so I got Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly Big! baby sport and used the entire thing using a Lion Brand Pattern. It taught me a thing or two about paying attention to instructions, because Lion Brand’s suggestion of 10-ply Pound of Love is pretty different from Snuggly Wuggly. Ravelry claims it is 8-ply, but I’d venture to say it’s finer than that. But, in the end it was a blanket, and the path to getting there doesn’t matter as much as the end result, as long as you like it!

I did get to use up some scrap yarn, however, when I made flowers to sew onto the hood. I just made three, positioned them on the hood and sewed them on. Easy peasy.

Blanket on Ravelry
Flowers on Ravelry