Christmas In July Scarf

I got an early start on Christmas gifts this year!

Just the scarf, not the cat. I used this Lion Brand pattern, which is RIDICULOUSLY simple, but the thick yarn and giant hook gave it an interesting look.

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What I’ve Been Up To

It seems I’ve been getting a bit lazy with blogging. This is something I’m going to try to remedy, because I actually do enjoy it. (I have a plan that will force me to blog more regularly in 2012, WATCH OUT NOW.) So, what have I been up to in the past few weeks? I have definitely been crocheting…

me with beard hat, and then actual-beardMy friend turned 30 at the beginning of November, and I knew he would appreciate a beard hat. I was totally right, he really liked it! At least, he faked liking it well enough to fool me. (This project on Ravelry).









Also, I PROMISE I’ve been working on my crochet-a-long afghan squares! Admittedly, I did October’s square in November, but hey, I did it. I started putting the squares together as well – it’s exciting to see something you’ve been working on for a year come together into something that is actually useful. (October square on Ravelry) (November square on Ravelry)








In other news, my father announced we would not be putting up Christmas decorations this year, as we’re mourning the death of a family member who passed away at the beginning of the month. It feels wrong to be so celebratory. But, that person was also the person who first taught me to crochet, so I decided it was entirely appropriate to crochet a Christmas three instead. I made one for my then-brand-new cubicle in 2007, and found the same pattern and just made another one. This project on Ravelry


And lastly, I’ve been making Christmas gifts for people LIKE A MACHINE. This includes crochet, general paper crafts, and what is about to be my first adventure in Mod Podge-ing. Since they’re gifts, I don’t want to post anything yet, but that just means there will be an INSANE post-Christmas post after the holidays.

Long Purple Scarf (Still Grasping For Inspriation)

I am still bored as hell. I hate to say it, because usually my list of things I want to make is miles long. But lately, there just hasn’t been anything I’ve seen and said, I NEED TO DO THIS NOW. So I forced myself to do something on my ridiculous long list of favorites saved to my Ravelry account. And to keep with the theme, it needed to be something where I didn’t have to buy yarn. I’ve always been slightly fascinated with the main photo for DROPS long scarf because it just looked so darn cozy. Then when I saw it would be a chance to (1)break out my big hook and (2)use up some of the discontinued Chunky USA yarn I’ve somehow acquired, I knew I’d found my project.

This is written in British crochet terms, but thankfully DROPS links to their own conversion page. (This was especially helpful as I was on someone’s iPhone and it’s not really browser surfing friendly, or I’m just slightly dumb and find searching Google on iPhones too challenging.) I used my N hook (9mm) instead of the suggested 7mm (my K is 6.5mm, I don’t have a 7mm anyway), and I think the Chunky USA yarn is a little thicker than DROPS Eskimo brand, but judging from DROPS’ photo mine turned out to be about the same size. The motifs are rather simple once you get used to converting the stitch names to the US names in your head (if that’s necessary); they work up quickly, and I was able to finish all the motifs without looking at the instructions after making the first one.

The only thing I changed from this pattern is that I didn’t include the fringe on every corner; I just did four on each end instead. When I started putting the fringe everywhere it looked kind of goofy – I’m not sure why, it could just be the color or anything else, since the scarf doesn’t actually look goofy. Or perhaps I am too goofy looking to make it work. Either way, since I don’t have the fringe, the fact that it desperately needs to be blocked is approximately one trillion times more obvious, so I’ll have to do that at some point. (Or I’ll take the easy way out and do a round of single crochet as a border…actually that might be a good idea…)

This is too long for me to wear to work, but I think around March or April when it (HOPEFULLY) starts warming up, I can see myself wearing it on the weekends. I can’t get into the mindset of wearing bright colors just yet, I need a few more weeks. Then I’ll probably just get so desperate for spring I’ll start wearing my yellow ballet flats. (Anyway, it’s not conducive to the weather we’ve been having in Northeast US, because snow and cold will go right through the cool flower motifs.)

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Granny Square Skoodie! Scoodie?

One of the first crochet projects I ever completed was a long black scarf. It had (and still has, I suppose) two white strips on each end, and has kept me warm for many a year. But, it is also wider at the end I started at (like I said, first project) and is starting to look rather ragged, so I decided the time would come soon where I would have to retire it from everyday use. Around the same time, my mother’s best friend shared with me an Annie’s Attic pattern for a skoodie. (The pattern printed “skoodie,” the website printed “scoodie,” and I am choosing to use the k because it is an underutilized letter.) I needed a new scarf! And I love hats! Perfect.

I was actually able to complete this project over the course of a weekend. The stitch that is used seemed to make it go faster; it was nice to get away from the boring-ness of single or double crochet. To me, the weaved look of the scarf is somehow subtle and eye-catching at the same time.

I'm not an angry person, but I've given up trying to legitimately smile in photos.

The yarn I chose for this came from the RIDICULOUS stash that lives in my basement. (I’m sure some of you yarnies know how it is…someone finds out you crochet or knit, and say OH MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME TO CROCHET/KNIT BUT I WAS NEVER GOOD AT IT HERE HAVE SOME YARN. This has resulted in three overflowing underbed bins filled with every color yarn you could possibly imagine. I think I even have some handspun in there. ANYWAY.) It would seem the two skeins of black I chose are not the same color black, so the hood is slightly different from the squares and the scarf. But I lucked out because it’s barely noticeable.

I’m not quite sure what to do with those pockets, though. Maybe I’ll need them for something someday, but currently I’ve been using them as quasi-mittens and treat people to bizarre puppet shows. I also opted not to make the fingerless gloves or leg warmers, mostly because I no use for either. Also, I made a pair of fingerless gloves AND a pair of legwarmers, but they have an almost-permanent home in my closet, considering it’s 2010 and I am no longer 22 years old.

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