Wedding Unity Candle

I never really thought of having a unity candle at a wedding, but when the template our officiants gave us had the unity candle in it, I figured why not. (I’m kind of lazy and didn’t want to make changes to the ceremony, because it would probably require research or something.) So after doing some shopping around, I decided I was staunchly against unity candle kits. They were overpriced, and when would I ever use a pillar candle holder with two tapered candle holders next to it? Also they were all a little too cheesy for me…too many hearts and whatnot.

In the end, I got a reversible pillar candle dish, the pillar candle and tapered candles from the Christmas Tree Shops, and reversible tapered candle holders (when you flip them over they’re votive holders) at Walmart. (I also picked up fake forsynthia at AC Moore, and a charm at Michaels that was on clearance.) In total, all these products were about $20. Of course, I had to dress them up somehow, and I’m lucky to be gaining a super crafty sister-in-law, so she came over armed with a glue gun and bits of ribbon, lace, & fabric.

I’m pretty pleased with what we came up with. And by that I mean what she came up with, because I mostly watched and helped glue stuff. I don’t know why, when it comes to simply dressing things up with crafts, I tend to be at a total loss. It’s pretty self explanatory from the above photo – it’s just ribbons glued onto the candles. The blue satin is leftover from the completely awesome sash she made for my niece’s flower girl dress, and the ribbons are from ribbon stash from both of us. Nice and non-cheesy!


Purrfect Together

So as it turns out, planning a wedding has just become a stressor for me. I find no pleasure in making decisions and worrying about other people being happy, so I’ve been working hard to to find, or in most cases invent, little things I can actual enjoy about planning. For me, this means crafting. And for my engagement party, it means amigurumi. In keeping with taking suggestions from strangers on the internet of terrible puns, I tackled “PURRfect together” next (you know, after my previous “meant to BEE”).

Since creating Lion Brand’s amigurumi pig and penguin, these cats came pretty naturally. I haven’t written out a pattern; I used the Lion Brand pattern as a basis and modified it to better match the yarn weight and hooks I was using (which I didn’t do well with the lighter colored cat – it’s huge). I got pink felt from the craft store for the noses and ears, and found embroidery thread in the basement for the paws and whiskers. (I got lazy on the grey cat and only used the thread on two of the paws…it was tedious and annoying me that particular day.) The GOOD way to do the whiskers is to cut them to the desired length, cover them in fabric stiffener, allow them to dry, then attach them. As you can see, this is something I didn’t do for the light-colored cat – I attached them and then tried to apply the stiffener. The whiskers are also pretty long, so I’m going to trim them and see if that helps, but I’m currently storing them in a plastic bag and whenever I take that one out, it just looks like it has a really dirty-looking mustache. The eyes are just doll eyes I got from 6060 on Etsy.


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Meant to Bee

If you’ll recall, a few weeks back I made Two Peas in a Pod courtesy of Lion Brand. When I showed my mother, she said, “oh, you should make a bunch of those for the tables at the engagement party!” While an interesting idea, it was also a extremely BORING idea. A day or two later, she had me and Future Husband (hereafter referred to as FH, because I haaaaaaate the word fiancĂ©) sit down and pick out engagement party invitations (in an effort to bring our laid-back attitudes to the party, we chose whatever was cheapest). In that time we somehow found ourselves looking at favors, some of them proving to be COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, and others being quasi-functional with really silly puns. That’s when it came to me – I’ll crochet amigurumi based off puns! The first one I wanted to tackle was the phrase Meant To Bee, mostly because honey is delicious.

While I enjoyed creating this pattern, it was a lot more work than I expected for such small insects. It was definitely a labor of love, but they turned out exactly how I wanted them. I just had to tie a bowtie on one and give the other flowers, and WHAM those bees were married. Something I learn making the bees was not to use whatever you have lying around to stuff amigurumi. Just because your vitamin order came in that day and the packing peanuts are right next to you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the walk to the basement to get Poly-fil. (I may or may not have had a bee with a misshapen head that had to be taken apart and re-stuffed two weeks after completion.)

This pattern is available as a Ravelry download (for free!); you can find it here. My personal project link is here.

Edit 3/14/13: this pattern originally cost money, but I have since made it free. No one ever bought it so this change didn’t affect anyone. Enjoy!

We’re Just Two Peas in a Pod

So if you go back to the last entry, you’ll see that the monkey-ewok was made for the boyfriend’s-and-mine fourth anniversary. I created that little…thing, purchased a digital photo frame, and called it a day. (He is a big fan of photos, although I am not. I aim to make ridiculous faces in every photo taken of me. If I’m going to look stupid, I’d like to look stupid on purpose.) WELL, he decided this year he would upstage me by about a trillion and gave me an engagement ring as a gift.

I felt like a fool for having a comparatively terrible gift, but I got over it pretty quickly. And so begins the Amazing Stressful Times Of Wedding Planning!

Well, we have over 400 days until the big day (thank you The Knot for keeping track for me), so right now I’m having fun with everything. Including my crafts! You can be sure that I immediately took to the internet to find the first thing I wanted to make for the wedding. That’s when I came across Lion Brand’s Peas in a Pod pattern. Actually, I re-came across it. I remembered seeing it months ago and thinking was the cutest thing ever, but I had no reason to create it at the time. I decided THE TIME HAS COME.

I LOVED making these guys. They pattern was very easy to follow, though I had a hell of a time getting the mouths to look the way I wanted. The pod kind of amazed me, in terms of how yarn can be shaped with crochet. You see geometric shapes all the time in crafts, but I was really able to appreciate how possible it is to crochet yarn into any form you need it to become. Attaching the veil and hat to the peas was much easier than I had anticipated (I’m not sure why I anticipated it being difficult to begin with). Overall they are adorable, and I think I’ll be displaying this at our engagement party, and perhaps on the gift table at the actual wedding.

I am excited to finally be marrying the guy I’ve been with for four years, and known for more than six! As a crafter, my first instinct is to create ANYTHING POSSIBLE, but I’m kind of unsure of where to go from here. If you’re married, did you crochet/craft anything for your wedding, or have you created anything for someone else’s wedding?

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